Saturday, August 4, 2018

DAY 7 - Southerngals5x7


I can't believe its the last day of the challenge!!

What an amazing adventure this has been!!!!  A big shout out and thank you to Tiffany over at @sougherngals_designs on Instagram for coming up with such a fun challenge!!

Well, today tripped me up just a bit!!  I got a bit overambitious and decided to use water spray on my page, to get some flow and dripage on acrylic paint!  Hmmm, I will not lie, I panicked, and paused the timer to try and dry the page a bit.  Then felt guilty for cheating and started the timer up again.  LOLs!!

It all came together at the end and although Day7 ended up using a bit of overtime.

As with all previous days in the challenge, the process video is on YouTube.  Click HERE for a direct link.

If you are joining in the challenge, or want to check out what other creatives have done in a super speedy 5 minutes, check out #southerngals5x7 on instagram.  To follow the challenge creator, Tiffany, she can be found on Instagram as @southerngals_designs.  She is truly inspirational and not to mention totally fun to listen to when watching her process videos!

I used the digital faces images created by the very talented Lili Wee.  You can follow her on Instagram @weelili_art.  The images are available to purchase through The Lilypad.  
Click HERE for a link to the site.

Until next time!

Keep creating!


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  1. Hi! You wrote about bujo in a filofax in 2016, do you still use it?