Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Crop at Creative Hands


I have been very quiet lately.  With the end of the school year coming up, I have been snowed under with end of year concerts, swimming galas, prize giving....the list just goes on!!!

We went for our first crop morning at Creative Hands yesterday morning...Wowee!!!  I can seriously recommend a caramel latte.  Annais shows her overflowing generosity and hospitality with the biggest mugs I have ever seen in my life!!!

The store is amazing and airy and there is plenty of space around the crop table so there is no need for you to shuffle around your crop totes etc to get around the table or to the well stocked store!!

I tried my hand at some shabby chic techniques yesterday, inspired by a workshop one of the girls went to over the week-end at Paper Lane.  I loved getting my hands full of stains and ink and making a HUGE mess on the table.  (Luckily the walnut stain wiped right of the white cropping table!!)

I also tried my hand a multi coloured stamping, and the results were amazing!!

This brings me to a "Tip of the Day":

This is a great help if the exact colour of glimmer mist you are after is not available, as well as a tad of a money saving tip.
You need a mister bottle, Perfect Pearls powder and Distress Ink re-inker.
Add a small amount of Perfect Pearls powder to the mister, add a couple of squirts of the Distress Ink re-inker, add a dash of water, mix with a skewer or the back of a teaspoon, and voila!! Glimmer mist!!  NOTE:  DO NOT CLOSE THE MISTER AND SHAKE THE will end up with a clogged mister!  You need to stir the mixture!!!
I have made one non-glimmer and one glimmer of each of my distress inks refills, making 3 products from on....(re-inkder for pad, glimmer mist, standard antiquing mist)

Happy scrapping and don't forget to e-mail me your low resolution images of your work for me to post on the blog!!

Yours in distressing!


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