Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pretty Paper Studio - JUNE KIT

I was so honored to be asked to guest design for Pretty Paper Studio!!!  A fantastic online store, with amazing kits and other scrappy bits!!!

I received my pack in a gorgeous brown envelope, sealed with a sticker with the store logo on it....This alone set my heart aflutter.... it was just so pretty, before I even got to dive in to the stash inside....

When I opened it, I was treated to a burst of printed and plain card stock, stamps, embellishments galore and a special little treat...TWINE!!!  Who doesn't love twine :D:D

Included in the kit was a page sketch.  I tackled the sketch first as I had the PERFECT photos for the page....My daughter and niece as flower girls for a recently family wedding and the colors of the papers were PERFECT for the photos....

Products Used:Echo Park Playground Simons Says 12x12” Patterned Paper, Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Paige’s Cobalt Composition 12x12” Patterned Paper, Dear Lizzy Nepolitan Cheerful Notes 12x12” Patterned Paper, Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Muse Woodgrain Thickers, Authentique Dicton (Word Stickers), Dear Lizzy NepolitanThanks a Bunch Stamp Set, Dear Lizzy Nepolitan Printed Chipboard Shapes, My Mind’s Eye Miss Caroline Happy Rub On Transfers, My Mind’s Eye Follow Your Heart Twine (Set of Three)

Products Used:  American Crafts 12x12 Cardstock Grey, American Crafts 12x12 Cardstock Ladybug,  Echo Park A Boy’s Life Energetic 12x12” Patterned Paper, Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Kristi’s Craft 12x12” Patterned Paper, Dear Lizzy Nepolitan Printed Chipboard Shapes, Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Bits Decorative Tags, Dear Lizzy NepolitanThanks a Bunch Stamp Set.

Products Used:  American Crafts 12x12 Cardstock Kraft, Dear Lizzy Nepolitan Cheerful Notes 12x12” Patterned Paper, My Mind’s Eye Miss Caroline Living 12x12” Patterned Paper, My Mind’s Eye Miss Caroline Happy Rub On Transfers, My Mind’s Eye Follow Your Heart Twine (Set of Three), Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Muse Woodgrain Thickers, Authentique Dicton (Word Stickers), Dear Lizzy NepolitanThanks a Bunch Stamp Set, Button from one of the Amy Tangerine Sketchbook Bits Decorative Tags.

I thoroughly enjoyed this kit!!!  Thanks to Pretty Paper Studio for an amazing JUNE 2012 Kit!!!

You can find Pretty Paper Studios by clicking the following links:

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Words To Live By

Hello friends!!!! Many, many years ago, after a life changing experience, I realized that always playing it safe did not necessarily get the best life experiences. I started living by the life motto "rather regret the things you did, than regret the things you didn't". From that moment on, I faced challenges head on, did some not too smart things (I was young, being stupid was a right of passage), and did most things by jumping in with two feet then thinking about it afterwards. This is how my best memories have been made.

It is also what drove me to risk loosing my best friend by perusing him as something more than a buddy to hang out with....18 years later, we are happily married with 2 amazing and beautiful children. This brings me to the image below...Mark Twain had the same idea about life.....

 I am by no means saying run reckless with gay abandon, but rather than play it safe and choose the safe, well thought out option, every now and then go with the slightly more risky option and see what adventures will present themselves to you....the road less travelled often has the most unspoilt surprises to give you.... On that note, leave the housework for later, pull out your scrapping stash and GET CRAFTING!!!!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Page About Me on Mother's Day

Hello scraplings!!!

Something none of us do often enough is scrap ourselves....We are always behind the scenes, the "mammarazzi" if you will, ensuring we capture every moment for us to preserve for our children, grandchildren, and so on....

I cut my hair recently.  It was about halfway down my back, and I got it chopped off at the shoulders....saving on shampoo and conditioner now :D

I took this photo with my iPhone, to send a picture to my husband who had been away for a while, and was a few weeks away from returning home.....

I don't like myself in pictures, so when I do find one that is semi-decent...I scrap it :D

I loved the paper as it is a very "me" paper, the colors are just up my street, it is a travel paper, which is something I love, but I do not do enough of....and the camera...well... what can I say...I'm a scraper.....

Once again, I dug into the depths of my stash and found a J bookmark which my kids bought for me for Mother's Day, YEARS ago!!!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of you out there....we are doing one of the most important jobs around!!!  We deserve a day of tea and toast in bed :D:D

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A True Angel

A little while ago, my daughter went to a Super Model party.  It is really cute.  The girls all get a champagne glass of fizzy grape juice when they arrive which really makes them super special. After rehearsals, hair and make-up which is all done "behind the scenes", the mums are invited into the studio, where we are treated to a fabulous fashion show, with each girl modeling two looks, dress up and swim suit.  The whole show is photographed and the party organizers take fabulous professional photographs which are available to purchase a couple of days after the party!!!!

When I saw this photo of my daughter, I was totally blown away....I couldn't get into my craft room quick enough to create a page :D

I used paper which I have had for a VERY long time for the background.  I was waiting for the perfect photo for paper I totally love....My initial thought process was to keep it really minimalist, so that the photo wouldn't be lost....When I dug into my "girly" embellishments, I got carried away and added a whole lot more than I had planned....I am happy with the result though and wouldn't change a thing :D:D:D

Happy Scrapping :D

Monday, May 7, 2012

Wedding Photos


We all love a wedding.  In March, we attend a family wedding in Blythedale, Natal, South Africa.  It was a really beautiful beach wedding.

This is a picture of my sister-in-law, who was a bridesmaid.  She just looked so lovely in this photo....(she always looks lovely).  She is one of those girls who is not only beautiful on the outside, but is beautiful on the inside too....

I used neutral colors for this page and kept it quite minimal...adding my favorite owl :D

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Falling in Love with Paper Inklings

Hello lovely scrapping friends....

Every now and then we all have a little romance with a specific supplier of scrapping goodies....I have just been introduced to Paper Inklings through a new scrapping friend....It is an Australia made and produced product and OMG, it is totally stunning....Now the snag is that I don't know if these amazing papers, chipboards and Rub Ons are available here in Dubai, but I am positive that if you hop onto their site here and send them a mail asking where it can be obtained in your area, they will be able to help.  I am sure their products are also available online for delivery internationally.

I have placed a massive order through a friend who has a direct line to the stash in Australia, and with some luck, I will have a large range of the products to work with and showcase.  They have some amazing paper, chipboard and rub-ons specifically for tween boys (I have a tween boy and battle with paper - too old for car paper and too young for grungy paper)  I was lucky enough to be gifted some of their paper and rub-ons, so here is a layout made with just a teeny party of their hugely amazing range of products.....

So, if you are looking for some amazing new stash and haven't seen Paper Inkling products around, please visit their site and see if you can get your hands on their stash!!!!

JoSoCrafty is neither affiliated to Paper Inklings or  been given any product in lieu of promoting their product.  This is an independent review on their product.

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