Thursday, May 10, 2012

A True Angel

A little while ago, my daughter went to a Super Model party.  It is really cute.  The girls all get a champagne glass of fizzy grape juice when they arrive which really makes them super special. After rehearsals, hair and make-up which is all done "behind the scenes", the mums are invited into the studio, where we are treated to a fabulous fashion show, with each girl modeling two looks, dress up and swim suit.  The whole show is photographed and the party organizers take fabulous professional photographs which are available to purchase a couple of days after the party!!!!

When I saw this photo of my daughter, I was totally blown away....I couldn't get into my craft room quick enough to create a page :D

I used paper which I have had for a VERY long time for the background.  I was waiting for the perfect photo for paper I totally love....My initial thought process was to keep it really minimalist, so that the photo wouldn't be lost....When I dug into my "girly" embellishments, I got carried away and added a whole lot more than I had planned....I am happy with the result though and wouldn't change a thing :D:D:D

Happy Scrapping :D

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