Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Challenge for 2010


Well, this is the last challenge, and my last post for 2010!!!  Where has the year gone!!!

The challenge for this week was to use just black and is often a challenge to use a single color when scrapping, but I think the look and feel of black and white is so timeless...and it gets you to use your gray matter :D

Here is what the lovely ladies on the design team have come up with...





Happy scrapping my friends and I will be in touch again next year :D



Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Punky Scraps Posts


Well, the first day of school holidays have started with a bang!!!  My kids have had friends over today and they have provided an endless source of entertainment....every game they have played has been an adventure and I love their imagination!!!

I seem to have forgotten to post the Punky Scraps DT Layouts I have done this month, so without much ado.....

Challenge 1

This challenge was a recipe challenge, whereby we had to use 3 or more of 5 items listed.  I chose to use paint, cardboard and ribbon on a white cardstock background...I LOVED this challenge :D

Challenge 2

This challenge was "So What is so Special About You".  It was fun having to think of something about yourself that makes you special....I believe that my endless patience is something that is special about me :D

Don't forget to go over to Punky Scraps by clicking HERE to see out what the other DT members have created!!

Happy scrapping :D


Sunday, December 19, 2010

SCNTS Week 4 Submission

Hi Ladies

This is my fourth and final submission for the SCNTS challenge!!!  It is a little heart sore, as it marks the end of a wonderful challenge and getting to know the other contestants through their pages....

This challenges was to propose a challenge and submit an example of it.

My challenge was 8-ributes, whereby you select a subject...a loved one, the city you live in, your cat or the city you live in and journal 8 reasons why you think they are GR8 (oh, I had to :D).

It is often the things we love most that go by unappreciated and are the things we need to acknowledge...

I used this opportunity to use my wonderful hubby as my subject...he is fantastic and I wanted to have record of it....

I am very pleased to have made it this far, to the FIAL FIVE, and wish luck to the other 4 ladies submitting layouts :D

Will keep you posted on the outcome of the challenge :D

Until then....scrap your heart out :)


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Scrapbook Challenges Next Top Scrapper - TOP 5

Wahoo!!!  I made it to the TOP FIVE of the SCNTS!!!  I am so excited to have made it this far, as the ladies entering are all so very talented!!!!  Now lets see if I can make it into the TOP TREE!!  Oh my gosh, if my tummy was in knots and my nerves shattered before, you must see me now :D I am a wreck!!!  Just kidding, I am definitely nervous, as is normal when being judged by your peers, but I am loving having my creativity being stretched in new directions, I find that once I have done something like this, it almost resets my mojo, and it flows fast and furious for a while after!!!

I am working on the final challenge and really hope my ideas are liked enough to make it to the top 3 :D :D

Holding thumbs, toes, and every lucky charm I can get my hands on....:)

Find inspiration in every day :D


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Look What Amy Did!!


I let my 5 year old daughter have a little play in my craft room the other day.  She is always hovering around, asking questions and very often crafting away next to me at my desk.

Last week-end, I had to leave her merrily playing with "our" scrapping stuff while I took care of lunch.

I was still busy in the kitchen when she came to me and proudly said "Mommy, look at this card I made"  When I turned around and took the card from her, I was speechless!!!  Holy crow!!!  It was amazing (I am so totally going to scrap lift this idea from her!!!!)

Here is her card...done on quarter folded computer paper, splattered with brown and black ink and she punched out the butterflies from a piece of white card I was doodling on with my copic markers (yes, I am leaning strongly towards spending a small fortune on some copics and seeing what I can do with them, which will be a blog post for another day!!).

Here is my little princesses AMAZING card....

I know she is my child, but really...from a 5 year old, this is really, really cool :D

Seek inspiration everywhere!!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tim Holtz - 12 Tags of Christmas


If you haven't been following Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas this year, all I can ask is "WHY NOT???"  What a truly inspirational man he is, with such awesome ideas....

He really inspires me to think out the box.

I have been really snowed under with a lot of scrapping "got-to-dos's" which is never a problem, because hey, who doesn't want to be forced to scrap????  My brain is fried and my nerves are shot, so just spending a bit of time with Tim (yes, we are on first name basis here, I spend many hours with him on YouTube :D), I feel that I am once again inspired!!!

Click HERE to see Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas.

I will leave a little teaser from his site here, jut to wet your appetite :)

Never stop playing :D


SCNTS Week 3


I am so chuffed to have made it through to the Top 10 of the Scrapbook Challenges Next Top Scrapper competition currently running on the site.

Here is my WEEK 3 layout submission!!!

Fingers and toes all crossed!! :D :D

Revel in your creativity!!!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

December Challenge


This months challenge for the DT team was to use the following quote as inspiration:

For everything you have missed, you have gained something else;
And for everything you gain, you loose something else.

It's about your outlook towards life.  You can either regret or rejoice.

Here are what our totally awesome DT girls have come up with!!





Thanks for stopping by....hope you will play along with us and post your pages using the quote as inspiration!!

Be Inspired!!


Scrapbook Challenges Next Top Scrapper - Round 2- I MADE IT!!!


So I made it into the top 10 for the Scrapbook Challenges Next Top Scrapper Competition!!!  Yes, I am still doing the jig of joy, and now cartwheels too!!!!!!!

Keep a look out for my take on the's a goodie!!  You can take part too and upload your images to their site.  CLICK HERE to check out the site and keep tabs on the layout submissions!!!

Come back later today and I will post the latest DT challenge!!!  This one was a tough one, and we had to use our grey matter!!!!



Saturday, December 4, 2010

Scrapbook Challenges Next Top Scrapper - Round 2 Update.


I have been a busy bee today!!  Scrapping my fingers to the bone, and loving it :)

I have got a couple of the upcoming challenges under my belt for Punkyscraps and also for the challenges coming up right here!!!

This is the layout submitted to Scrapbook Challenges Next Top Scrapper for Week 2.

The challenge was to "Makeover" a page you weren't particularly happy with.  I generally don't revisit old pages, so this was a nice change....

I pulled this layout from the archives....

and overhauled it, and ended up with this...

I am crossing my fingers that I make it through to the next round, there is serious competition out there :D. 

Keep creating!!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scrapbook Challenges Next Top Scrapper - Round 2!!

Holy crow!!!

I am so excited!!  I made it through to Round 2 of the SCNTS competition!!!

This post is short because I am dancing the jig of joy and can't sit still long enough to write more :p

Keep Creating!!