Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Look What Amy Did!!


I let my 5 year old daughter have a little play in my craft room the other day.  She is always hovering around, asking questions and very often crafting away next to me at my desk.

Last week-end, I had to leave her merrily playing with "our" scrapping stuff while I took care of lunch.

I was still busy in the kitchen when she came to me and proudly said "Mommy, look at this card I made"  When I turned around and took the card from her, I was speechless!!!  Holy crow!!!  It was amazing (I am so totally going to scrap lift this idea from her!!!!)

Here is her card...done on quarter folded computer paper, splattered with brown and black ink and she punched out the butterflies from a piece of white card I was doodling on with my copic markers (yes, I am leaning strongly towards spending a small fortune on some copics and seeing what I can do with them, which will be a blog post for another day!!).

Here is my little princesses AMAZING card....

I know she is my child, but really...from a 5 year old, this is really, really cool :D

Seek inspiration everywhere!!


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