Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Words To Live By

Hello friends!!!! Many, many years ago, after a life changing experience, I realized that always playing it safe did not necessarily get the best life experiences. I started living by the life motto "rather regret the things you did, than regret the things you didn't". From that moment on, I faced challenges head on, did some not too smart things (I was young, being stupid was a right of passage), and did most things by jumping in with two feet then thinking about it afterwards. This is how my best memories have been made.

It is also what drove me to risk loosing my best friend by perusing him as something more than a buddy to hang out with....18 years later, we are happily married with 2 amazing and beautiful children. This brings me to the image below...Mark Twain had the same idea about life.....

 I am by no means saying run reckless with gay abandon, but rather than play it safe and choose the safe, well thought out option, every now and then go with the slightly more risky option and see what adventures will present themselves to you....the road less travelled often has the most unspoilt surprises to give you.... On that note, leave the housework for later, pull out your scrapping stash and GET CRAFTING!!!!

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