Thursday, August 2, 2018

DAY 5 - Southerngals5x7

Greetings creative earthlings!!

Day 5!!

I can see a bit of repetition going on, the same MO repeatedly.

At first I felt that I was perhaps not stretching myself adequately, and falling back on a tried and tested method for when I create.  After some reflection, I realised that isn't this the case with most things in life.

When working with limited time and limited supplies, why buck the system, stick with what you know works, and with what you love.

I love the way the paint applied with a palette knife has a certain unpredictability to it.  I love that the first layer of gesso applied breaks the page and starts an energy on the page.  I love the marks made by the graphite stick.  Hey, if I love it, then it's all good!

For a full list of supplies used in this project, please click HERE to read my first post.

I have a process video on YouTube, click HERE or search Josocrafty.

I used the digital faces images created by the very talented Lili Wee.  You can follow her on Instagram @weelili_art.  The images are available to purchase through The Lilypad.  
Click HERE for a link to the site.

See you tomorrow for Day 6.


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