Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Peek Into My Craft Space

When I started scrapping in 2002, I was able to stash ALL of my scrapping supplies, including my album in an A2 Storage box, which I could comfortably store in the cupboard, until I was going to scrap, in which case I would haul it out and scrap on our kitchen counter.

Some things have changed since then as I am sure many of you will understand.  My "more than adequate stash in a box" has grown into a "not nearly adequate stash in a room"  *SIGH*.  How on earth did that happen????? Well, I am not ashamed to admit that I am an addict.

We have recently moved house, and for the first time, I have my own craft room.  I have had my own craft space ever since moving to Dubai in 2007, but I have always shared it with my husband, who had a tiny part of the area for his desk and computer....(There was no more space available to him :D), and them some shared storage areas....

Moving and having my very own room came with a complication.....storage.  Having my own space that I can make girly, has also left me with a master design scheme....black and white fleur de gris, with a touch of turquoise to add colour!!!  So, I repurposed our old food store cupboard and turned it into my scrapping stash storage unit.  I really disliked the opaque insets in the cupboard, so I decided to cover them with wallpaper.

Here are the before and after pics....I am so happy with the results:D

As time goes on I will keep you posted on the developments in my attempts at interior design :D

Happy Scrapping


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