Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Children's Book

How do you explain to children that their parents are separating or getting divorced?  It is a subject which should be addressed with sensitivity, as often the children are too young to fully understand the reasons for the separation.  A very good friend of mine who has gone through this process recently, has written this illustrated book.  

From the site:
The book was written as a guide to couples with young children that are about to go through the divorce process. Using guidance obtained from a number of counsellors, therapists and teachers the themes, content, and style were adapted to suit the needs of children aged between 3 and 7 years. When facing the prospect of a separation, (either through divorce or the breakdown of a long term relationship) parents of young children are faced with the extremely unpleasant task of letting their children know that the circumstances they have grown to know will soon change. This book is structured to specifically address the reality that often creatures, regardless of species, may not be able to stay together, but that life can continue. In telling the story the focus has remained with the children and ensuring that they understand that while the situation will definitely affect them, it is not their fault, nor is it a situation that involves them. Ideally, the publication will also allow the parents to gain a little more perspective on the situation and to realise that they can resolve their issues without allowing them to cause permanent emotional scarring in their children.

Should you be interested in purchasing this book, visit Rubber Duck Press.  The book is available internationally.

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