Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Confessions of a Scrapaholic

Hello :D

Yesterday after an awesome scrapping session with my Tuesday Therapy peeps, I came home and decided to sort out my stash.  You see, we have a nice little thing going on with the girls who crop together at my friends house...we go through our stuff from time to time and "recycke" our stuff.  You know, the bits and pieces that are we no longer use.  Partial rub-ons.  Papers we bought for a project album which we have not used and no longer need, part packs of embellishments, etc. etc.  We put them in a box and we go through each others unwanted bits and pieces and see if there is anything we would use.  We call it our TWO DIRHAM BOX.  So we get a little bit of "drug" money back from our unused stuff and we can then buy MORE stuff....

So, I decided to sort through my embellishment stash and I have come to the conclusion that I am an addict.  I have tons of stuff, bling, letters, stickers, chipboards, rub-ons, tags, flowers, you name it.  So I culled my stuff yesterday.  I am shocked and amazed at how many oddments of scrapping stuff I have, which I hoard in the event I will use it, only to buy more stuff when new stuff comes out!!!!  Urgh, it is a vicious cycle...

My goal it to keep only the embellishments which are CURRENT to my projects and scrapping style and get rid of the rest!!!  Clutter free environment equals a good scrapping mojo!!!

In a couple of months, I will go through my paper stash and get rid of the old stuff there too.  (I have some papers from when I started scrapping 9 years ago and I know I won't use them, but I am hanging on to them for sentimental reasons????)

Here is my challenge to you....if you have a crop group, suggest doing the same "TWO DIRHAM BOX" idea and clear out your stash.  You will be surprised at what you have hiding in the back of your embellishment drawer.  You will find things which will re-inspire a page or idea, you will be lighter of load when searching for "something" for "that" page, as you will have less stuff to wade through AND on the plus side, you will get a little back and be able to invest in something special....Who knows, you may even make enough money to get that special tool you have been after but felt it was too expensive :D

Happy Scrapping!!



  1. good idea... I know I have soooooo much stuff...

  2. Last year I went through all my stuff and made kits from it. I sold them on Bid or Buy R1 start auctions and made over R 1000!!!