Friday, April 13, 2012

This is officially the weirdest thing I have stuck on a layout

Hello lovely friends....

I have been milling over the idea of doing a Makeup Artist course for ages now, and a little while ago I decided to jump in with both feet, and enrolled into an online course.  I was expecting for it to be a bit of a cake walk, but 5 video lectures out of 67 in, I realized this was not for sissies!!!  I have diligently gone through all the course material and am not revisiting the text books in preparation for my exam at the end of the month.  Along with the exam, I have to submit 10 looks, 5 Bridal and 5 Celebrity, which I have completed as per their specifications.

Being school holidays, I thought it was a great opportunity for me to crack on with the practicals as no one is really available for a great length of time after school, what with being busy with their families.  I was super lucky to get 3 volunteers who allowed me to make-up and wipe off their faces excessively. Al1 10 looks took 12 hours to do, over 2 days.

Today I decided it was time to dig out the scrapping supplies and capture this marathon event, and get a little scrap therapy in as a bonus....

Here is the result.  A single page layout with 17 photographs!!!  Those of you who know me, know that I am a single-page junkie and DO NOT like multiple photographs on a page, and at a push I will put maximum 3 on a layout....if I can't get away with just one....So this was a huge step for me :D:D:D

The photos are of one "eyes open" and one "eyes closed", which are the requirements for the practical exam submission....Thanks to my 2 gorgeous nieces and my special friend who modeled for me :D:D

On the bottom right hand side of the page, I added smidgeons of ribbon and lace over several strips of washi tape as an accent.  I printed out some small blank face charts to tie in with the theme of the photos.

And here is where the title of this post comes from....I added some mascara wants, Q-tips and a pair of strip eyelashes to the bottom left side of the page....officially the weirdest thing I have stuck to a scrapbook page.....

Spring school holidays are half way through, thereafter just over 2 months of school then the year is over....How time has flown....I will not be returning to my post as a LSA at school next year so my plan is to get back into scrapping, hopefully rejoin my Tuesday Therapy Group {if they will have me back :)} and enjoy the life of a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) again....

Please leave a reply below and let me know the weirdest thing you have ever stuck to a scrapbook layout...




  1. Very well done Jo!, I must say 17 photos are something most of us have never tried, i usually don't go beyond 7 to 10 :) Amazing Layout!

  2. Hi Jo

    Something told me to check up on you this morning - lovely to catch up on your news and great you are returning to scrap.

    All the best for you xx