Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Project Life - "Week 1"

Hello friends....

I have had a very hectic few weeks.  I decided to use the first part of the summer holidays to do a mini home makeover.  I have had almost the whole inside of the house painted, and sold all my son's bedroom furniture and bought all new items more age appropriate for a young man of 10 years old :D.

After managing to catch up from being 5 months behind in Project Life, I found myself about 3 weeks behind due to the madness of the end of year at school (I was working as an LSA, then as a TA at my children's school).  I enrolled my 7 year old daughter in Creative Camp at our local scrapbook store, Creative Hands, and used the sessions she was crafting to sit in store and catch up on Project Life.  I am once again caught up, but have no doubt that I will fall behind again as this seems to be the way of Project Life...falling behind and catching up seems to be a catch phrase of Project Life...That is part of its charm for me :D

Thanks to my mad record keeping skills (see my post on falling behind, catching up and organizing by clicking HERE), I have managed to catch up with very little hassle.

My Project Life runs from June - May, an academic year as I decided to start Project Life last year in May, and not being one to wait, I started cracking on as soon as my goodies arrived from Amazon.  June this year marked the start of my second year doing Project Life.  I would like to share my opening pages, as well as the first week for this "year".

I made a date opener in an A4 format.  This is something new from what I did last year.

I used some printed paper, cut to size on the front page protector.  It just houses some quotes and I wanted it to reflect the feel of what my PL will be this year...

Left page of the first week.  

Right page of the first week.  

I used a calendar I got from a free printable for the first page of the month.  I run my PL monthly rather than weekly.  This way I don't have to worry too much if I don't have a photo a day and then have plenty blank pockets which need filling, or if I have additional photos and need to use more than the allocated 2 pockets for pictures.  I used a grid glassine bag which I ordered from Michelle Wooderson's online store, some wash tape and a home made tag as embellishments.

My husband recently returned from a trip to Tokyo and came back bearing rolls and rolls of Washi Tape.  He certainly knows that the way to my heart is through stationery :D

This was a no photo day (gasp, shock, horror) so I used some banter off Facebook to tell the story.

So that is it for "Week 1" (June 3-11 2012) of my Project Life so far....I have pinned all the free printables I have used on PL to my Pinterest page, which you can find HERE.  

Keep creating :D:D


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