Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where has the time gone

Yes, quite lierally, where has the time gone!! Since last posting, I have moved house...hence the silence...With all the packing and sorting, making new friends in the compound, it has been rather hectic!!

I have not done one iota of scrapping in over a month!! I tried to sit down today and be creative, and it was gone...yes, I have scrappers block, or perhaps I just am not feeling the pictures I am trying to scrap...

Just to let you in on the pics, on Monday, I was lucky enough to score a free-bee ride on a Gulfstram, private jet/ We flew to Doha and back and for a few short hours, I felt like a millionaire with my own private jet....I tried to scrap the amazing photographs today and...... MOJO - so here I am in in a tight fix, with all this amazing intent, and no delivery. So later on tonight, I am off to dust off my old scrapping mags and see if I can find something to put a fire under my bottom and get me to do something fantastic and dynamic...

Watch this space, I will be posting TIPS TO CURE SCRAPPERS BLOCK once I have found my own trusty solution...

Until the next time, happy scrapping!!!


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  1. Hello

    Are you still in block? Just wanted to let you know I have added your blog to my blog and wondered if you would like your cropping sessions added too? I am opening it up to all the teachers in Dubai so we can have a real community central esp good for those newbies.

    Take care x