Sunday, April 18, 2010



It has been so long and for this I apologise....I have no excuse!!!!

I have been enjoying cropping on Tuesday mornings with Tracey Flynn and have had a hectic month and along with being down with the flu and school holidays, I haven't had a chance to scrap with the girls in ages!!!

I have managed to catch up on scrapping since getting together with Tracey and the girls and have done quite a few pages...including my page nemesis, School Photos!!!! I don't know what it is about school photos, but I always dread doing them, and am never satisfied with the results!! I have tried everything for overstated to understated and it just never seems to be just right!!!!

I have been really lucky with travel to some fantastic destinations recently.

Firstly I was sent off to Thailand by my loving husband for a break from routine. I spent 6 glorious days in Kho Samui and then 2 days in Bangkok. It was the first time since having children that I travelled without them. This beautiful country provided me with many photo opportunities and plenty of pictures to scrap. I have started doing an exclusive Thailand Album and have decided to do it all in 8"X8" format.

As some of you will know, my husband is a corporate pilot here in Dubai. He left on a charter for Maldives last Monday. He called me on Monday afternoon and asked me to book a ticket to join him as he was there for a while....LUCKY ME!!!!

I phoned around and thanks to my awesome, ever giving friend base here in Dubai, I had plenty of loving care for the kids, so I booked my ticket, packed the basics and hopped on a plane on Tuesday morning and flew to the Maldives.

We stayed at Velassaru Resort. It is such a beautiful location!!!! Not only do I once again have a huge supply of pictures of sun drenched beaches, stunning sunrises and sunsets, but it was the first time we spent time away alone together since our honeymoon nearly 10 years ago!!!

I got home yesterday, so now I have to decide which are the most beautiful pictures, print them and scrap them!!!

It is the last day of spring break holidays so I am concentrating on entertaining the wee-ones today and then will try to settle into the routine of motherhood tomorrow and fit in some time to scrap too!!!

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