Monday, April 26, 2010

It has happened...I have crossed over to the dark side!!!!

I have been fiddling on and off with digital scrapbooking. It started when we went on an extended trip back home to South Africa, and I couldn't pack my "essential" scrapbooking items so I decided to give the digital demon a bash...

I did a few pages, but wasn't totally hooked. I still love getting my "hands dirty" while doing scrapbooking, so the romance with digital was short lived....

That was until last night. I have recently moved from PC to Mac, and as a result, some of my previous software is not compatible (including that of my Silhouette!!!)

I was searching for digital scrapbook programs for Mac and came across iScrapbook. I have downloaded the free 30 day trial version and am totally hooked!!!!

I have a bit of free stash from my last digital adventure, as well as some purchased stash. I have used a mix of both to create the above layout.

I cannot foresee that I will hang up my scissors, but I think I can find space in my life for both types of scrapbooking!!!!

If you are keen on giving it a bash, I would suggest downloading the software and play around. It is suitable for PC and Mac (according to the reviews).

Would love to see some of your digital and traditional layouts. Please e-mail a low res image to and I will post them on the blog.

Yours in technology (apparently!!!!)


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