Monday, July 26, 2010

Ordering Online

Hello scrap-a-holics!!

This is just a quick hi to let you know that I have successfully ordered my first little bit of scrapping stuff, online!!!

I was not sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised!!  I placed an order with on the Saturday the 17th of July, and received my goodies, at my door on Saturday the 24th!!!

ALL the spoils I ordered were in the package, in perfect condition and best of all...THE PRICE.  Even with the internal shipping cost in the States and the Aramex delivery cost, the goods came in at around a 20% saving!!!  Aramex charges per 500g so the heavier the package, the greater the delivery charge.  It is something to keep in mind when you are ordering huge amounts of stash!!!  It works out to roughly AED40 per 500g, so if your package is 505g, you will pay AED80!!  The solution to that is make sure you use up your whole 500g!!!  (Any excuse to add more to the shopping cart!!)

I can recommend using Stuff 4 Scrapbooking should you want to try out ordering scrapping goodies online.  I will try another store next month, and let you know how that goes :)

If you have any comments or have ordered online and would like to share your favorite store, please let me know!!

Happy Scrapping


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