Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rahel Menig of swissgirlDesigns

For those of you who are regular readers of my blog, you will know I have been going on a bit about swissgirlDesigns.  Well, I have been fortunate enough to get in touch with Rahel Menig and as her a few questions.

I am a huge fan of Rahel and her style of scrapping.  I am always grateful when I stumble across someone with a fresh take on scrapping.  I know that I often get stuck in a rut and sometimes need a kick in the butt to try out something new.  I received that “kick” while surfing YouTube for anything scrapping related and came across Rahel's fantastic tutorials.

Without further ado, let me introduce Rahel Menig of swissgirlDesigns…..

1.How long have you been scrapbooking and how did you start?

I started scrapbooking as a 14-year-old teenager in 2004. At that time I had no idea what I was doing and I had no special scrapbooking supplies, just normal colored paper, glue and stickers. Later on I started to surf the Internet for ideas and finally found an online store in Switzerland where I lived at that time.

2.What is your favorite scrapbook tool?

Now this is a hard one! I would love to say "my Cricut Expression" but unfortunately I don't have one ;) So I think it's either my acrylic block for stamping of my Martha Stewart Butterfly punch.

3.What would be the best advice you would offer someone who would like to start scrapbooking?

I guess I would say "There is no right or wrong" because with scrapbooking you don't have to follow any rules, that's why I love it so much.

4.What element or embellishment makes a regular appearance on your pages and why?
I use a lot of untraditional things like price tags, chewing gum wrapping paper and other such things. But other than that I love to use stamps, especially my own stamps, swissgirlDesigns. I love to use them over and over again and find new ways to combine them and give them a new and unique look.

5.What is your advice to someone scrapping on a budget?

I have been scrapbooking on a budget since I started. Even now I have a super tight budget and that leads to the fact, that I have almost no paper, embellishments and tools. One great way to save money is to use chipboard alphabets as a pattern. It might take you some time to cut the letters out, but you will save a lot of money, I promise! Another advice that I can give is to buy paper pads instead of the open stock paper. I for myself prefer My Mind's Eye and K&Company paper pads. You pay little for a lot of matching paper. Also stamps are a great way to save money. Buy stamps that you can use over and over again. Go with words or phrases or images that you can use more than just one time. 

Rahel is also a photographer, which I suppose goes hand in hand with the wonderful addiction hobby of scrapbooking!!!

Here are some of Rahel's amazing photographs.

Here are a few of Rahel's stunning scrapbook pages.  For tutorials type in swissgirl90 in a YouTube search or you can go to Rahel's blog at

These are the clear stamps Rahel has designed and from what I hear, there are 4 more designs on the cards.  Keep visiting to see what the stamps are and when they will be available!!

Once again, a huge thank you to Rahel for sparing the time to answer a few of my questions!!

Happy Scrapping!!



  1. wow, thank you so much for this opportunity :) i just showed it to my husband and his words were: I am so proud of you! That made me so happy :)

    have an awesome day!!
    Rahel :D

  2. She is such am amazing woman. I am sure that you enjoyed your interview with Rahel! I know that I would. I can't get enough of her videos. They inspire me and want me to do more. I think that we all should do a swap for her from her fans. That means that we could all gather up some of our extra supplies, papers and tools to send to her!!!!! If we can do that, could you please email me the address and I would love to send some things to her.... thank you!!!! :P