Thursday, January 6, 2011

SCNTS Results

With the silly season still ringing in my ears, I have realized that I did not update on the Scrapbook Challenges Next Top Scrapper Competition!!!

The results came in and I am VERY happy to say that I came in at 3rd place!!!  I am so pleased and totally loved the competition!!!

Here are my layouts submitted again...


This LO got me into the TOP 20


For week 2, we had to choose an old layout we weren't entirely happy with, and do a makeover.  This was the layout I wanted to makeover.

This is the made over page, which got me into the TOP 10


Week 3 required us to take note of the little things we do during a day, and scrap the events.  This layout got me into the TOP 5


Week 4's challenge required us to set our own challenge.  I chose to set a challenge of taking 8 points of something/someone you love and scrap them.
This layout got me 3rd place :D

Thanks for journeying with me on this amazing adventure!!!!

Happy Scrapping!!!


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  1. Super fab layouts!.. really love all of them!.. my fave is the one with the lists!.. its beautiful! :D