Tuesday, July 31, 2018

DAY 3 - Southerngals5x7

Oh yes!!

Day 3 and feeling amped!!!

This challenge has certainly made me step outside my comfort zone from time to time!!  I am using this challenge to try using colours I am not usually drawn to, and I find that being on a time limit allows me to not over think what I am doing.

I am loving learning that even 5 minutes is enough to be creative every day and flexing my creative muscles by having to be quick!

Don't forget to play along and use #southerngals5x7 to showcase your work on Instagram!

For supplies, click HERE to be directed to my first post!

If you would like to see my process video, search Josocrafty on YouTube or click HERE.

Challenge hosted by @southerngals_designs (Instagram).

Digital face images from @weelili_art (Instagram).

Until tomorrow!


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