Tuesday, October 2, 2012

PROJECT LIFE - "Week 11"

Welcome back to Project Life Tuesday...back on track again thank goodness!!!



I have been drooling after Pulled Pork Sliders for so, so, so long.  I finally decided to put a slow pork roast in the oven and enjoy these beauties for lunch :D

This was a fun night...QUIZ night.  I have never been to a quiz night before and it was such a laugh!!!

Need I say more???  Mmmmm, Starbucks!

She is just so photogenic!!!  My little princess.

Today was an IKEA day.  I succumbed to this awesome rug for my kitchen.  My favorite colors at the moment!!! 

Urgh!!  I could write an essay about me and the dentist!!!  I won't bore you with the details, but I found myself at the dentist yet AGAIN for a continuous problem with one of my teeth....At least Amy enjoyed playing with the awesome toys at the rooms.

I have recently fallen 2 weeks behind on Project Life, but due to my faithful record keeping, it was a doodle printing out the relevant pictures which have now been placed in their positions in the page protectors and all I need to do is bling them up a bit, add some journalling and I will be back on track.  I anticipate a 4 hr dedication to get the weeks up to date :D

On that note, don't get swamped with Project Life, find a record system that works for you and when all else fails, just start from today, and work forward instead of climbing the monster mountain of weeks of catching up!!!



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