Monday, October 1, 2012

PROJECT LIFE - "Week 10"

Wow!!!  Have I had a busy couple of weeks!!!  Scrap Therapy is back on a Tuesday, so I am finally getting back together with my old scrapping friends after a year of no "therapy" at all...I have deduced that I NEED my therapy :p

I have had family staying with me for the last few weeks and hence, I have not had chance to post a Project Life Layout in a while...I am hoping to be back on track with Project Life Tuesday very soon...

Today is also a very special day in our household, it's my fabulous husbands birthday today...

I will be sharing PL Week 10 with you today.  It was still during school holidays and the time was filled with crafty days, dentist visits (urgh) and cooking :D



We went to the Dubai Mall to have dinner at Scoozi, which is an Italian/Japanese restaurant.  Yes, and odd combination, but we can get pizza for the kids and sushi for us :D  

School holidays can get a bit indulgent for us.  We decided on crumpets for breakfast, and found ourselves out for dinner too....

My niece asked me to do a painting for her bedroom about 2 years ago...I thought it was time I fulfilled my promise to her :D.  I can never keep my hands clean when doing anything creative, whether it be scrapping, painting or doing make-up.....

Amy decided she wanted to decoupage an album cover...She diligently tore hundreds of bits of paper and meticulously started sticking them to the album cover.

Please come back tomorrow for Project Life Tuesday, where I will be sharing Week 11 :D


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