Thursday, May 3, 2018

Mixed Media & Falling Back In Love With Art

Hi all you gorgeous humans!!

Oh how I have missed you!!!  Without getting into all the "gory" details, I have been MIA for the longest time because, well, lets just say I took a different road that needed travelling, but now I am back on track.

I never quite let go of the creative side of me, but I just had other things that needed more attention and focus, so I wasn't creating as actively as I would have liked. What I have learnt though, is that keeping that creative side of me fed and active is a crucial part of my being!!  I am sure there are some of you reading this that will agree.

Too much has passed since my last post to give you a blow-by-blow update, so I will just start from a little while back.

As the title of this post says, I have fallen back in love with art.  I never fell out of love with it as much as I neglected the relationship a little so we ended up sleeping in separate bedrooms.  But I admitted my faults and have repaired and rekindled my relationship with creativity and messy play!!

As with all things starting afresh, I decided that I needed to start a new journal, because you know, you need a new journal :)

I went out and bought a Moleskine Sketchbook. Moleskine is my all time favourite any notebook and it just made perfect sense to stick to what I know. (Side note, I have since bought several other art journals, from different brands - to be covered in later posts).

I pulled out my art supplies, salvaged what I could.  Some items had sadly seen their best times and needed to be sent on to the greater art store in the sky. sniff!  I sat down, opened the journal to the first page and well, just applied product to paper.

This was the result.  Not my first art journal page by a long shot.  I have several journals filled with mixed media art, but, it is the first in my "new me, new start" journal.

Matte Medium
Texture paste
Book text from an old novel
Distress Ink
Acrylic paint

Well, the flood gates opened and I created several pages in a short space of time, like I had to purge myself of all the creative energy I had bottled up!!

Here are some of the pages I have created in my Moleskine Sketchbook, as well as an A4 journal I purchased.  The A4 sketchbook I purchased was sealed in plastic wrap, and I didn't get to feel the paper.  I take full responsibility for not doing my homework and as a result, the paper is not of Mixed Media grade, and it took longer to get the pages prepped to handle the media than it did to do the art.  As Jane Davenport says "Life is too short for crappy paper".  She is 100% correct.  It is now a purpose sketch book, reserved for nothing more hectic than pencil!!  

*Jane Davenport is an amazing Australian artist, and it's well worth looking her and her mixed media products up.  I have no affiliation with the artist or her brand, just huge admiration.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and visiting my blog. If you would like to see more of my mixed media pages, please follow me on Instagram @josocrafty, and if you would like to see me in action, hop on over to my YouTube channel, Josocrafty.

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