Thursday, May 3, 2018

Setup for Filming my YouTube Videos

Welcome gorgeous people!!

Thank you for stopping by!!  I have started making YouTube videos again.  My very early videos were a completion of still photos, at various stages in the progress of creating the Scrapbook page.

Subsequently, technology as increased in leaps and bounds, and the humble mobile phone is now a powerful social media tool!!

After several months of hopping back on the Mixed Media Train, I was encouraged by some close friends to film the process, and upload to YouTube.  I am known to look a challenge square in the eyeballs and say "It's On!!"

With a bit of research and practical thinking on my husbands part, we managed to fashion a setup which enables me to aerial view record videos.

I have had this tripod for years.  I tried so many variations to try and get a good aerial angle.  I consulted professor Google, and found some useful information on using a selfie stick wedged into a flower pot.  What a fabulous low cost solution to my problem!!

My ever practical husband came up with this idea.  He attached the selfie stick to the pivot of the tripod and voila!! My very own filming setup.  Boy do I just love that man!!!

This is a shot of my desk mid filming a recent video.  Everything outside of the blue square on my craft mat is out of sight of the viewers.  It's a big happy mushy mess of joy, in my eyes anyway!

Thank you for stopping by.  If you would like to see some more of my art pages, please follow me on Instagram @josocrafty or click link in side bar.  Watch me in action on YouTube here.

Keep creating!!


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