Thursday, September 6, 2012

My (Crafty) Space

Hello friends!!!

We have been in our home for 2 years now, and my craft room has been ever evolving, and never quite right for the new space...With our "home makeover" in June, I decided to do some sorting in my craft room, and replace some things which were just not right for this space.  I am in a small room at the back of the house, which is inter to be a room for a live-in maid.  It is the perfect scrapping space for is now :D

Once again, I used my FABULOUS new app, Hipstamatic.

I picked up these shelves for FREE just after we moved into the area.  Someone down the road had them lying outside at the bin.  I knocked on the door and found out they were throwing them out...WHAT A WIN!!!  I brought them home and the fitted EXACTLY on this wall, with just a teeny space on either side!!  I have many things on these shelves, from baskets with embellishments, inspiration books, flowers as well as some albums.  The small black files on the 3rd shelf down house my acrylic stamps, sorted into type...

Next is my desk.  I used to have trestle legs for the desk, and although nice, they were a little unstable.  I bought these drawers from IKEA and they are a blessing!!!  I have managed to ferret away so many things in the ample drawers.  Unfortunately the lighting is really inadequate in this room, so it is necessary to have an additional lamp on my desk.

My pinboard which homes a favorite layout at the time and anything else I need in sight.  The extra desks to the left are also a find from IKEA.  I have two desks as they are really tiny.  They have a shelf at the back which I presume is for cabling.  It is the perfect spot to house some projects which I am working on, and some display items like my SMASH* Books and an old Junque Journal I made about 2 years ago.

Below these desks is more shelving from IKEA.  It holds my Project Life caddy, a storage box with some stuff for SMASH-ing, and some boxes filled with brads.  My Cinch and Texture Boutique live in harmony on the bottom shelf.

This cupboard used to be inside my craft room and it took up a lot of space.  When I sorted out the craft room, I got rid of 2 sets of plastic drawers which stood in this place.  This is WAY neater, especially as this area is visible when you come into the house.  There is a door behind here which leads into the garage....We have never really used it so it's not a hassle that we no longer have access to it.  The entrance into my craft room is just to the left of the picture.

Yeah, I have a lot of scrapping stuff.  It is finally all nicely organized and neat.  This space REALLY makes me happy!!

One thing I have learnt from this process is that it is really necessary to get space specific storage.  The craft space I had in our old house was totally amazing, but the furniture just didn't work properly in our new house.  

On a side note, just as I completed sorting out my craft space, my wonderful loving husband asked me if I wanted to move my craft space upstairs, on to the landing.  His reasoning for this, the lighting is FANTASTIC!!! ,  I will have about twice the space AND I will be near him as his office is in this space.  Although this idea is intriguing, for now I am very happy in my little craft room...It is MINE, I can leave it messy if I want, just walk out and close the door.  But watch this space...The wanderlust in me ensures that I do not keep still for long and I am sure I will be feeling the itch to move before long....SIGH...

Wether your space to scrap is just a small section in the corner somewhere, or a FAN-DABI-DOZI craft room which is purpose built, it is a little piece of peace :D

Happy Scrapping!!


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