Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Welcome to Project Life Tuesday.  Today I would like to share Week 8.  It was an exciting week for us.  We got our first dog.  He is a rescue dog called Zinga and is a Chihuahua X Miniature Pinscher.

My husband and I have been married for 12 years, and have never really considered taking on a pet.  When we got married, both of us worked and didn't think it would be fair to get a dog and then leave it at home alone all day.  I stopped working when our first child was born, and then we had our hands full with a little on in the house.  Just as he got big enough for us to be able to share our love and attention, we added a little sister to the mix.

We then moved to Dubai, to a home which had no garden or outside area of any kind.  Two years ago we moved to a new home, with our own patch of grass, but felt that the time was not right to add to our family.

We are at a stage now where the children are old enough and responsible enough to help with taking care of our little added treasure and I am so glad we waited.  This little character is just right for us.  Small enough to think his garden is a farm, bouncy enough to be fun to play with, and loving and loyal enough to guard us while we sleep from his vantage point of the top of the stairs.....Yes, I am in love :D



Summer holiday activity:  The kids made play dough, then proceeded to make me a FANTASTIC play dough dinner (Spaghetti & Meat Balls, Brownies and Waffle and Ice Cream and a special after dinner I Love You treat).  There is something special about a blue and purple dinner served on paper plates :D

Our little guy....He had his "manhood" taken as is mandatory by the Animal Rescue Centre and then had to wear this not so fashion forward lampshade...poor thing.

Fantastic scones and sushi at a friends house....yummy.

Our new family member moving in and sleeping on the pillow on my daughters bed.  (She somehow managed to sneak into my bed at some time during the night).

Found these little beauties through Pinterest.  I just couldn't resist using one of them as a title page for August.  Click HERE for a link to my Pinterest Printables Page.

Getting crafty with the kids during a super hot summer and dusting off the old bread machine, just for fun.

More crafty days and crumpets for lunch...

Finding a little "me" time and fiddling with my SMASH book.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Happy scrapping :D

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