Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The gremlins are coming!! The gremlins are coming!!!

In fact, the gremlins are here!!  They have safely landed in the Scrapbooking in Dubai Blog and Pansyshell Scrapping Website...access to these 2 blogs are intermittent at the moment.

PLEASE DON'T PANIC!!  Both of these wonderful, insightful sites will be back to inform you and lure you into the wonderful world of scrapping, if you aren't already a full blown addict!!

Scrapbooking In Dubai

Pansyshell Scrapping

Happy Scrapping


PS.  If you see a little gremlin type thing running around, catch it and bring it to me...I need to have a stern word with the little troublemakers regarding getting into the workings of our Scrap Community!!

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