Tuesday, August 14, 2012

PROJECT LIFE - "week 4"

Welcome to what has now become "PROJECT LIFE TUESDAY".

Week 4 runs through the last few days of June, and the first few days of August.  Just a friendly warning, this is a PICTURE HEAVY post.....

Left Page:

Right Page:

On the last day of school for this academic year, my son was invited to a birthday party.  This is the picture the Birthday Boys' (twins) mum sent out just to let us know the boys were having a blast.

We went to a local family steak house called Spur.  It is a South African chain and when it opened in Dubai 2 years ago we were ecstatic...  We got a little taste of home with the cans of Cream Soda, Fanta Orange and Sparberry....I used half the 4 x 6 insert  for my photos and half for the journal card.

I used this Instagram Collage for this day's pictures....I had to take a photo of my husband installing a new light fitting in the lounge...with the ladder on top of the dining room table.  Enough to make the health and safety officers faint!!!  I also loved capturing my son and his daddy asleep in front of the TV later on that evening.  DIY is a hard day's work :D

This is the page header for July.  I used the free printable calendars I found searching Pinterest.  (see my Printable Things board on Pinterest HERE). 

This is about the time Instagram and I started our love affair :D.  I just insta captured anything and everything!!!  I had a picture heavy day so I printed them out 1.5" square and added all 6 together.  This page was dated by using a cork round with a sticker numeric attached.

Here I needed to use two 4x3 pockets to show one day.  I just split it at the photograph and journaled on the far left hand side.

More days captured using Instagram and Insta-Collage.

Had a little shopping spree at Creative Hands and got some stuff for my PL album.  Here is one of the notorious photos of my 10 year old sun pulling one of his amazing faces for the camera.  When he turns 21 and asks me why there are not photos scrapped of him between the ages of 9 and whenever this stops....I will be bringing out all the evidence of his silly faces....hmm...perhaps there is a scrapbook page in that.....

Thanks for stopping by and remember to keep crafting!!


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