Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hello!!!  Welcome back to Project Life Tuesday.  If you are here for the first time and wish to see older posts on my PL album, please visit my PROJECT LIFE page HERE.

I would like to share "Week 5" with you today.  As you may know, my PL album runs on an academic year, i.e. JUNE - MAY.  I am currently on my second year of PL and recently ended up being FIVE MONTHS behind on last years album.  You can read about how I went about catching up HERE.  I drew a lot of inspiration from this post by Michelle Wooderson from MishMash.  You can see her post on the same subject HERE.



This was a photo heavy day so I made a flap insert to accommodate all the photographs.  This is as it is in the album.

And this is it with the flap open.

I photographed the packed lunch I made for my husband and son who went off SCUBA diving.  My son was in the process of doing his Open Water 1 Certification (which he has subsequently achieved).  I also had to document a little bit of yummy...Peanut Butter Cups....LOVE.

This sweet little precious girl belongs to good friends of ours.  She was a grand total of 3 days old in this photo.  I am no longer broody, but OH MY GOSH!!!  I just want to hug her and squeeze her and kiss her to bits!!!

It has been reported that Dubai has had one of the sandiest years in many, many years.  We have been plagued with sand storms...which other than being sand blasted each time you leave the house and EVERYTHING being covered in sand, is not such a biggie....BUT when the raging winds shred the gazebo cover....NOT......SO.....HAPPY.....

I loved this mini page.  It was simple yet just right for documenting my daughters day.  We went to craft camp in the morning, and later on that evening, she lost her tooth.  Just a usual day, BUT, the fact that we were getting the inside of the house painted the next morning, and were in the process of moving all the furniture away from the walls, and in the midst of the madness, Amy proudly brought us her tooth....Fortunately the tooth fairy found her tooth in the chaos...we were worried for a little while that she wouldn't find it :D:D

Be sure to pop over again on Saturday where I will be sharing a Scrapbook Layout featuring my daughter and her recent Gymnastics Competition :D

Happy Scrapping!!  


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