Saturday, August 11, 2012


It is not often that I get photographs of my husband, myself and our two children.  My husband travels a lot and if he or I are not behind the lens, he is most likely just not around for the photo.  This photo was taken by my sister-in-law at a recent family wedding and I was itching to scrap it....Until recently I just hadn't found the time :(....

BUT, now I am done with work and the kids are on their uber-long summer holidays and I am stealing a couple of hours here and there to scrap....

I used a sheet of printed paper from the Mariposa Paper Stack.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this pack and utilized almost ever sheet in it.  I added a doily, some tissue paper, paper scraps and stamped onto which I stamped an embellished corner and a journal spot.  (Found some FAN-DABI-DOZI acrylic stamps at Daiso recently - WHO KNEW.  Good quality and just Dhs 7 a set....I procured all 3 sets!!)

Roughed up the tissue paper on the corner for some added texture...

Just used the title "FOUR".  As I said earlier, my husband travels quite a lot and spends weeks away from home, with just a few home days in-between.  It is not often that we are FOUR and I wanted to document that, subtly ;).

Keep crafting!!!!

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