Thursday, August 9, 2012

SMASH* Book - Happy Mail


I am sure you are tired of hearing this statement, but for the benefit of first time visitors (Hey!! BTW :D)....My scrapping took a major hiatus over the last few months due to me starting work....I have recently stopped working and am slowly managing to get back into all the bits and pieces I have wanted to do for ages!!!

I fell in LOVE with the SMASH books when I stumbled on a the K&Co video on them....who wouldn't fall in love with the idea after watching that!!!!

I hopped straight onto their website with full intention to order ONE book and a few accessories.....I THINK NOT!!  I couldn't decide on which book to buy, so I got the Pink one (Pretty Style), the Black one (Mod Style) AND the Mini Book....

I got them in May and have dabbled a bit with a page here and there, but haven't really SMASH*-ed the way I was hoping.  I have been hoarding the "things to smash" in a plastic folder, and it was BURSTING at the seams.  I decided it was high time to get SMASH*-ing.

I didn't dive into decorating the cover, I wanted to see where the book was going before doing it...I got a few Pandora Charms for my birthday and kept the ribbons that the boxes come tied up with, as well as the ribbons that secure the charms in their little boxes.  These proved to be perfect to tie on to the front cover.......**HAPPY PLACE**.  I added a stamp from SwissGirl Designs - Dream Real Big set with the quote "Follow Your Heart".  Appropriate for my idea of this SMASH* book :D

I recently went on an Etsy Shopping spree and kept the envelopes the goodies came in.  I cut out the customs label and stamps and added them to the book under the title of "Happy Mail"  There is space for a couple more of these, thank goodness because I have yet ANOTHER shipment of washi tape on it's way from Hong Kong.....*happy dance!!*

As I add to the book, I will post some of my favorite pages :D

Happy SMASH*-ing!!!


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